Dirt Devil Extreme Power M0914 Hand Vac Review

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Getting the cleaning job right in your home can be very tough without the right tool. There are different cleaning equipments that have been designed to aid the cleaning exercise in homes and offices but it is not all of them that are actually effective in performing the task of cleaning satisfactorily. The Dirt Devil Extreme Power M0914 hand vac is a cordless hand vacuum cleaner and has so more than enough power to get the cleaning job done properly. Click here to SAVE $21 on the Dirt Devil Extreme Power hand vac for a limited time only!

This is one product you would find ideal for the cleaning of tight nooks and crannies. With the 15.6 volts it uses, there is a provision for heavy suction, which gets dirt sucked up very easily from any type of surface. Debris and dirt get collected in an oversized bagless cup. This comes with a built-in reusable filter, which can be flipped open for quick emptying.

Dirt Devil M0914 Extreme Power Handheld Vacuum Features

  • Cordless hand vacuum ideal for cleaning crannies and tight nooks
  • 15.6 volts powerful motor provides heavy suction
  • Comes with retractable brush and Quick-Flip crevice tool
  • Winner of Good Housekeeping Good Buy Award
  • Three years warranty on motor and parts

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You will find this tool very effective in the cleaning of stubborn crannies and tight spaces. This vacuum cleaner has a quick flip crevice feature that swivels into position. The dirt devil hand held vac also has a retractable brush strip and with a 14.4 volt motor, this product is able to live up to its name. It gives a heavy suction with the aid of 1-1/2-inch nozzle.

The dirt devil hand vacuum Extreme Power M0914 is cordless and very easy to maneuver. The design is quite compact and you can wield it around as you wish while cleaning up dirt or sucking up spill ups. For this reason the product is a handy tool where quick pickups and fast cleaning of dry spills are required. The product’s small size means that it will not require much space for storage or anything elaborate to keep it safe. For the purpose of storage, the device can be mounted on the wall where it can be reached between uses.

Dirt Devil M0914 Hand Vac Review

There are many customer reviews on this product that has been left behind. These reviews are from the customers that have put this great product to use and actually verify the effectiveness of its cleaning prowess. The sleek design has made many people fall in love with the product but beyond the design, an aspect that virtually all customers love about the dirt devil handheld vacuum cleaner is the ease of use. This product is given a 4-star rating on average, as many customers seem to be comfortable with its use. Click here to read these reviews.

Despite the ease of use, there are some complaints coming from some customers that it seems there is a high cost of maintenance for the product. There are concern is that the filters cost more than they expected and that they do not last for a long time. For any type of product that you use, there is the need for you to keep it properly maintained. When customers use this product normally there is no room for unprecedented damage besides there is a generous 3-year warranty on the product.

At the time of purchase you may underestimate the worth of the investment you have made. Buying a Dirt Devil Extreme Power M0914 Hand Vac would not only make cleaning easier but it will also be cost effective for you in the long run. Click here to check it out.

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