Hoover S1120 Hand Held Wet & Dry Hand Vac Review

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There are a number of factors that you may want to consider before you buy a handheld vacuum cleaner. Many people consider using vacuum cleaners with cords a big problem and would opt for any of the cordless types. Even at that you will have to be sure of your choice. The Hoover S1120 hand held wet & dry hand vac is one type of cordless vacuum cleaner that has already received many raving reviews.

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There are a number of interesting features that this product has which would make you consider having one yourself. For one thing this cleaner can be used on carpets as well as on top of hard surfaces. Apart from this, the handheld vacuum cleaner can be conveniently used to clean both dry and wet messes. This is one excellent feature that sets the product apart because only a few such products exist in the market today.

Hoover S1120 Wet & Dry Hand Vac Features

  • Cordless handheld vacuum designed for both wet and dry surfaces
  • Works great on  hard surfaces and carpets
  • Comes with easy-emptying dirt cup, charging stand, battery and filter
  • 11 x 6 x 4 inches and weights only 3 pounds
  • full one year warranty and free shipping

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The hoover wet dry hand vac is powered with the use of a 7.2V battery and there is a charging stand that can be made use of for the charging of the battery. The fact that battery is the source of energy supply does not mean that the device can not be put to use for a long time. In fact the cleaner can be made to carry out multiple tasks before there is the need to have the battery recharged.

Since the cleaner comes cordless you can take it anywhere you may want to go. The design that it has makes hoover hand vacuum useful even for the cleaning of your car and other items that you may have outside of your home. Liquid spills on the carpet can be easily lifted and cleaning works out just fine without much effort. One other excellent feature of the product is the easy-emptying bagless dirt cup. With this there is no need to suffer the extra expense of buying replaceable bags for your vacuum cleaner, which you will have to go through with some types of vacuum cleaners. With a wall-mounted charging stand, it is quite easy for you to reach out and get hold of the cleaner.

Hoover S1120 Review

Reviews about this product keep pouring in because many more people are finding good use for it and would gladly recommend it for other people too. On Amazon, there are over 300 customer reviews and more than two-thirds of these are positive reviews people have left behind for the product. The product is bagless and there is no need to have bags changed. The easy-empty dirt cup can pop off easily when there is the need to have it emptied while the reusable filter can be rinsed and cleaned easily. Click here to read more reviews.

Generally this product is very easy to use and it is not likely you will have any problem if you are willing to follow simple instructions. Those who have experienced any form of difficulty while using this product are those who have not been patient enough to read through the user-manual which is friendly enough.

Getting hold of this cleaner is a wise investment if you would like to live in a clean environment. With a full year warranty that Hoover Wet & Dry Hand Vac S1120 has, you can not go wrong. Click here to check it out.

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